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June 10, 2021

Researchers and PhD students meet in the first Workshop on Hyperbolic Geometry (USA-Chile).

With the purpose of sharing the advances of research and encouraging future work among the academic community, students and researchers from all over the world met in the First Workshop on Hyperbolic Geometry.

The activity was carried out within the framework of the collaboration grant between the City University of New York Graduate Center Mathematics Program (CUNY-USA) and the Research Center Geometry at the Frontier (UFRO). Thus, for 3 days, six researchers from universities in Canada, Chile, Spain, United States, France and Mexico presented their research work in the field of Hyperbolic Geometry, related to surfaces and their homeomorphisms (mapping class group, hyperbolic structures, conformal automorphisms, etc.).

In this framework, they made their presentations:

▪️PhD. Yan Mary He (University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Talk: Big surfaces, mapping class groups and complex dynamics.

▪️PhD. Saúl Quispe (Universidad de La Frontera)
Talk: Dessins d'enfants and some holomorphic structures on the Loch Ness monster.

▪️PhD. Javier Aramayona (Institute of Mathematical Sciences, ICMAT, Spain)
Talk: Asymptotic mapping class groups of Cantor manifolds and their finiteness properties.

▪️PhD. Federica Fanoni (Paris-Est Créteil University, UPEC, France)
Talk: Orthosystoles of surfaces with boundary.

▪️PhD. Ferrán Valdez (Center for Mathematical Sciences, Autonomous National University of Mexico, Mexico)
Talk: Conjugacy classes of big mapping class groups.

▪️PhD. Dragomir Saric (Queens College, City University of New York, CUNY, USA)
Talk: Detecting ergodicity of the geodesic flow on infinite hyperbolic surfaces via Fenchel-Nielsen coordinates.


This activity It congregated more than 50 attendees among researchers and students, who were part of this first workshop on Hyperbolic Geometry.

We thank everyone for their participation!

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