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July 21, 2021

2nd ECOS-ANID Workshop on Algebraic Geometry was successfully developed.

The event summoned more than 40 attendees and consisted of eight speakers from France, United States, Italy, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Chile, who presented their research on Algebraic Geometry.

The Research Center "Geometry on the Frontier" in collaboration with the Laboratory of Mathematics and Applications of the University of Poitiers (France), developed the 2nd ECOS-ANID workshop in Algebraic Geometry. This event allowed attendees to know in depth the research carried out by speakers from various universities and research centers around the world.

Since 2020, the "Geometry on the Border" Research Center has received funding from the ANID scientific cooperation program, a project entitled "Geometry of K3 surfaces", and which aims to promote collaboration between researchers and students postgraduate studies between different universities, with special emphasis on collaboration with the University of Poiters.


The event had the participation of Nathan Priddis (Brigham Young University, Utah, USA), Grâce Bockondas (Université Marien Ngouabi, Republic of Congo), Jennifer Li (University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA), Michela Artebani (Universidad de Concepción, Chile), Dimitri Markouchevitch (Université de Lille, France), Alejandra Rincón-Hidalgo (International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Italy), Aline Zanardini (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA) and Alice Garbagnati (Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy).

We thank everyone for their participation and collaboration!

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