Research Center - Geometry at the Frontier



November 23, 2020

With great success was carried out the first workshop on Algebraic Geometry organized by the University of La Frontera in joint with the University of Poitiers.

The activity relied on the assistance of researchers and also students, who shaped a group of more than 50 participants; a number considered as “highly successful”.

In the framework the project entitled "Geometry of K3 surfaces" (ecos190030) of the ECOS-ANID scientific cooperation programme, the first workshop in Algebraic Geometry was held on 12 and 19 November, event organized between the Laboratoire de Mathématiques et Applications (University of Poitiers, France) and the Research Center Geometry at the Frontier (Universidad de la Frontera, Temuco, Chile).

The activity was attended by researchers and students from both research centers. The workshop contemplated three talks per day. With this we were able to witness six interesting talks from the following speakers: Sebastián Reyes Carocca (Title: On large prime actions on Riemann surfaces), Pietro Beri (Title: K3 surfaces associated to a double EPW sextic), Simone Novario (Title: Linear systems on Hilbert squares of K3 surfaces), Claudia Correa (Title: Cox ring of K3 surfaces of Picard number three), Benjamín Baeza (Title: On the Galois closure of a degree 5 covering and the isotypical decomposition of its Jacobian variety) and Samuel Boissière (Title: Divisorial contractions to codimension three orbits).