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The Research Center Geometry at the Frontier is pleased to announce the 8th Iberoamerican Congress on Geometry, which will take place from December 10th to 15th, 2023, in Pucón, Chile. The preliminary program consists of eight plenary talks and four special sessions on Higher Dimensional Algebraic Geometry, Dynamical Systems, Algebraic Surfaces and Riemann Surfaces.

The Iberoamerican Geometry Congress (IGC) has a history of bringing together researchers and students from various mathematical communities in America, Spain, Portugal, and other regions of the world. The aim is to foster an exchange of ideas between mathematicians in different fields, connected by the geometry of Riemann surfaces, abelian varieties and related areas.

NSF funding for US participants
(PhD students, Postdoc, Members of underrepresented groups and Mathematicians without external funding)

Application deadline to be announced


A Brief History

ICG have a history of more than 35 years. It was in 1987 when several geometers from Chile, México, Spain and the United States met at a congress on Riemann surfaces held in Trieste, and decided to have periodic work meetings; Rubí E. Rodríguez and Sevín Revilas started to think about organizing a geometry meeting of Iberoamerican scope. From this idea the first workshop was born. Its name was "Workshop on Abelian varieties and Theta Functions", the place of birth Morelia (México) and the date july 1996. Indeed, in that occasion José María Muñoz took part and soon afterwards Irwin Kra also joined the idea. These four friends launched the project of carrying out such a congress periodically and rotating in venue.

Their efforts paid off in 1998, when the first Iberoamerican Congress on Geometry was held in Olmué (Chile). It was later organized in 2001 (Guanajuato, México), 2004 (Salamanca, Spain), 2007 (Ouro Preto, Brazil), 2010 (Pucón, Chile), 2014 (New York, USA), 2018 (Valladolid, Spain).

The congress proceedings have been published by Contemporary Mathematics in several occasions. In each congress, the interest and participation of geometers from Iberoamerica and other regions of the world have grown substantially, and the congress has become very dynamic with a high academic standard, with more and more mathematical fields being represented with lectures on exciting recent developments.


Alicia Dickenstein

University of Buenos Aires,

Andrés Navas

University of Santiago,

Valentino Tosatti

New York University,

Javier Fernández de Bobadilla

Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, Spain

Mihnea Popa

Harvard University,

Ravi Vakil

Stanford University,

Luna Lomonaco

Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada (IMPA), Brazil

Cecília Salgado

University of Groningen,

Special Sessions


Robert Auffarth
Universidad de Chile, Chile

Juan Carlos Naranjo
University of Barcelona, Spain


Mónica Moreno Rocha
CIMAT, México

Felipe Riquelme
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile


Michela Artebani
Universidad de Concepción, Chile

Patricio Gallardo
University of California, Riverside, USA


Paul Apisa
University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA

Sebastián Reyes Carocca
Universidad de Chile, Chile

Scientific Committee

Ángel Carocca

Universidad de La Frontera,

Samuel Grushevsky

Stony Brook University,

Laura DeMarco

Harvard University,

Francisco Plaza Martín

Universidad de Salamanca,

Alexis García Zamora

Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas,

Rubí E. Rodríguez

Universidad de La Frontera,

8th Iberoamerican Congress on Geometry

December 10th - 15th, 2023, Pucón, Chile


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