About us

Created in May 2020, the Research Center Geometry at the Frontier aims to develop, make visible and enhance scientific research on Complex Geometry and its applications, creating new research directions, increasing scientific productivity, training high-level new researchers and fostering networks of national and international collaboration.

Our Center also intends to contribute to the teaching, learning and improvement of Geometry at school and university levels, by proposing and driving change processes in its area, specially in the Chilean southern region.



The Research Center Geometry at the Frontier mission is to contribute to the development of Complex Geometry and its applications. We work to create knowledge and train advanced human capital in the area, with the support of a wide international and national network of collaborators, through joint grants and visitors.


The Research Center Geometry at the Frontier seeks to be a national and international leader in the scientific research on Complex Geometry, recognized for its high capacity for generating advanced human capital and quality scientific production, and for promoting changes in its teaching.


The Research Center Geometry at the Frontier aims to contribute to the cultivation of scientific research in the discipline and to carry out undergraduate, postgraduate, and outreach activities, creating a strong social impact. Its activities focus on research of excellence in the areas related to Complex Geometry, the training of high-level human capital, and the development of outreach projects.